What are the responsibilities of the Board of Directors of the West Palm Beach Business Referral Club?

Board members should set a good example by arriving on time, passing on referrals, bringing guests and going out of their way to assist other members. To be eligible for a board position a member must a member in good standing for at least three months.


The president is the team's leader; he or she observes all activities, conducts weekly meetings, schedules and presides at monthly board meetings and reinforces loyalty to the club's strengths and well-being.


The vice-president's primary responsibility is to oversee the non-executive officers, gathering their reports and reporting to the president. The vice-president is also responsible for substituting in the absence of the president and assisting him or her with any project.


The treasurer is responsible for maintaining financial records, paying bills and collecting dues. Annual and semi-annual invoices must be distributed three weeks prior to their due date. A report on the balance of the checking account should be announced at the first meeting of each month. Additionally the treasurer should announce any member/s whose dues are delinquent.


The secretary maintains records of current and past members, records and maintains minutes of meetings, documents board meetings and communicates important news to the membership. This includes documenting when a member joins or leaves the group as well as maintaining membership applications.

Immediate Past President

The immediate past president's role is to act as a member at large. He will act as the liaison between non-board members and the board. Members are encouraged to speak to the immediate past president with any concerns that they may relate to the club.